including floor, desktops, doors and windows, beds, towel s, water cups, toys

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Come to the garden to open windows for ventilation, do a good job in indoor and outdoor hygiene, and ensure a clean and tidy environment. Do all the preparatory work in the morning. Keep the floor of the sanitary area clean, free of dirt, no stagnant water, tidy wall decoration, no dirt on the picture frame; clean and dry the bathroom floor, free of stagnant water, pools and walls, scrub frequently every day, clean the disinfection basin every time, and there is no soak in the basin; the bathroom floor adheres to a large clean brush every 3 weeks, in order to ensure the physical and mental health of young children and reduce pollution, it does not use any acid to brush the floor, but uses clean water to wash the floor. Wash towels after work every day and disinfect towels to ensure that towels are snow-white and have a faint smell of disinfectant; clean water cups and disinfect water cups every day to ensure that the outside of the water cup is bright and free of dirt and nothing remains in the water cup. Strictly carry out daily sanitary disinfection and adhere to the sanitary disinfection of three meals a day.

7. Cover your shaped baguettes loosely with a clean kitchen towel or plastic wrap to protect them from drafts and allow them to rise. Let the dough proof until it has doubled in size, which usually takes around 1 to 2 hours, depending on the recipe and temperature.

Xx Textile is a limited liability company specializing in the export of towels. Its towels are exported to as many as 20 countries and regions, with * and India as the main exporters. After the sales manager receives the order and assigns the task to the follower, the follower should follow up in time, communicate with the production workshop and arrange the production of the machine. After the sample is produced, be responsible for sample testing. As the production has been going on, if there are any problems, we should communicate with the production in time to ensure the production of products that meet customer requirements. Another main task of the order clerk is to communicate with the outsourcing factory, responsible for ordering all kinds of auxiliary materials for packing towels, such as cartons, bags, card paper, waist seals, stickers and so on. It is required to send these auxiliary materials to the warehouse for timely packaging before the qualified towels are shipped to the finishing workshop in the production workshop. After confirming the packaging of the product, assign the task to the packaging staff in the finishing workshop to ensure that the towels are loaded in the cabinet on time.

If parents and friends come to the park on March 1 to sign up and want their children to try the garden, our park can provide two days of trial time. Parents need to prepare a change of clothes, water bottles and towels for their young children. New children will be recorded in the registration of the long pass of the park. The front desk will be responsible for the garden director to assign a special person to take care of the children to help them adapt.

Essential oil hair care: after washing the hair, dry it, gently massage the hair and scalp with massage oil, wrap the hair with a warm towel for 20 minutes (the towel is not too hot), let the essential oil infiltrate.

Pinkeye disease: the most common mode of transmission is that pathogens are transmitted indirectly through eye contact with contaminated hands, towels, eyes, washbasins, swimming pool water, etc. The main clinical manifestations of patients are foreign body sensation, eye pain, tears, photophobia, and increased watery secretions. A few patients may have symptoms such as systemic fever, fatigue, sore throat and muscle soreness.

At 10:10 in the morning, all the teachers and students are carrying out various normal activities, along with the tension. The alarm sounded suddenly on the campus, and the security counselors hurriedly laid down all their work and went to their respective protection points. The teachers immediately stopped all activities, concentrated on young children, stabilized their mood, took out wet towels in the bathroom, organized children to cover their mouths and noses, bent down to walk, and evacuated to the two school gates in a rapid and orderly manner. This sudden fire emergency evacuation exercise From the sound of the alarm to the head count and reporting, it took 2:55 seconds, and the exercise was very successful.

1 responsible for the hygiene, cleaning and disinfection of the class. Every morning, we should go to the classroom in advance to open windows for ventilation, dust removal and cleaning. Responsible for cleaning the table, floor and toilet after lunch. Clean and disinfect the classroom after school, including floor, desktops, doors and windows, beds, towels, water cups, toys and toilets. The whole garden is cleaned every week.

including floor, desktops, doors and windows, beds, towel s, water cups, toys

How to arrange the shelves in ‚óŹ bathroom: upper layer: soap, basic cosmetics, toothbrush and toothpaste that you use every day are easy to get. Things that are easy to pour can be packed in boxes. For beauty, you can decorate some green plants and lovely groceries. Middle level: if there is space, you can put slender drawers. It is very practical to store cosmetics, towels, underwear and so on. Lower floor: the kitchen shelf can be used to avoid water pipes under the washstand. Store toothpaste, hairdressing products, shampoos, body washes, detergents and other inventory and cleaning products.

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