sent intelligent insulation cups, eye lamps, schoolbags, towel s and other items

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Hand milking: the mother first hot compress her breasts with a soft cloth or towel, which can promote milk secretion. Then squeeze gently and rhythmically around the areola with your thumb and forefinger until the milk is secreted or ejected. Repeat this process over and over again until the breasts are soft. It takes longer to milk by hand than with a milk pump.

This sleek, compact toiletry bag is perfect for frequent travelers or those who prefer minimalistic design. With its durable nylon construction and waterproof compartments, you can rest assured that your belongings will remain safe and dry. The multiple storage pockets inside, along with a detachable pouch, ensure plenty of space for different products. Its convenient hook allows for easy hanging either on bathroom doors or towel racks. Keep your grooming essentials organized and accessible during your travels with this reliable option.

sent intelligent insulation cups, eye lamps, schoolbags, towel s and other items

On October 14, Ruijin Endowment Commonweal and Baofang Central School in Huangbai Township jointly launched a volunteer activity of “Sunshine to fly warm childishness” to practice civilization in the new era. Zeng Xiaoying (a pseudonym) handed out 1100 yuan in one-to-one grants and growth packages for students in Mount Tai, and sent intelligent insulation cups, eye lamps, schoolbags, towels and other items to children to help them study hard and grow up happily.

The conductor uniformly directs the evacuation work, and during the evacuation, he uses train broadcasts and hand-held loudspeakers to publicize safety measures and precautions to passengers, and organizes passengers to cover their mouths and noses with flooded towels and clothes to prevent smoke and poisoning. The conductor guides the passengers to evacuate by holding the walkie-talkie to direct the front, middle and rear positions of the train, turns on the emergency lights, guides the passengers to get off with a bright flashlight, and makes safety monitoring when getting off at the door of the train. The personnel at the front and rear of the train should organize the orderly evacuation of passengers who get off the train to ensure that they echo back and forth to prevent accidents. Key passengers should assign special personnel or organize active military personnel, medical personnel and young and middle-aged passengers to evacuate.

sent intelligent insulation cups, eye lamps, schoolbags, towel s and other items

1. Anti-fog for internal use: when there is fog on the inside of the car windshield in rainy, foggy or cold days, wipe the place where the fog is produced evenly with clean towels and paper towels, which can play the role of anti-fog;

1. Clothes: because of the large temperature difference, young children should add one more piece of clothing in the morning and evening than during the day. For children who are active and prone to sweating, they can put a towel behind them or change their clothes in time after playing.

sent intelligent insulation cups, eye lamps, schoolbags, towel s and other items

A good habit is to publish with a clean wipe, many people will use wet towels, the environment above makes it easy for microbes to breed and invade the human body. Even using sun-dried cloth takes a lot of effort, which is a false demonstration. Dry towels that have been sterilized or sun-dried should be used and gently scrubbed clean. A hair dryer that is too hot must not be used.

The staff successively came to Jiefang Community, Shuangli Village, Shuangquan Village and Garden Village to deliver child health and epidemic prevention packages to three de facto unsupported children and one orphan in the town. The “health and epidemic prevention package” contains free hand sanitizer, wet paper towels, shampoo, schoolbags, harmonica, toys, thermos cups, love food gift bags and letters of sympathy to children. The staff patiently and meticulously publicized the epidemic prevention knowledge to the children in difficulty, demonstrated the correct use of no-wash hand sanitizer, and learned more about the current situation of the children in difficulty. For individual needy children, staff also provide psychological and emotional counseling and other services.

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