and development of cereal coffee . The operation model

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As a supporting activity of Guangzhou International Food Festival in 2022, under the guidance of Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the fourth “Curry potential” boutique Coffee Culture Festival jointly organized by Guangzhou City Investment Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Yichuang Culture Studio was held in Haixinsha, Guangzhou. This Coffee Culture Festival lasts for three days (January 13-15). The general public can learn about and enjoy more than 140 brands of coffee at one time and appreciate the rich and diverse Guangzhou food culture.

Because, now to buy a cup of coffee, in Guangzhou, this place, it is too convenient. A lot of people complain that they touch Starbucks, but all the brand stores I mentioned above are already full of available space.

Established in 2022, “leisurely small Cafe” is a brand of Guangzhou Cha Zhi Star Brand Management Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and development of cereal coffee. The operation model includes talent network celebrity catering economy, retail channels and self-media ecological construction.

Many people may already be familiar with SkoopBeachCafe. the store has a good scenery and is located by the sea, with a gentle sea breeze blowing, which is very relaxing, especially in the evening, where you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset and choose to sit in the indoor or outdoor area with soft seats, much like a picnic outside. If someone is looking for a coffee shop to relax while on vacation, they will be satisfied to come here.

Among them, in terms of food, accommodation, transportation, shopping and entertainment, the mall will provide people with a new experience online and offline. For example, 50 merchants in the east business district of Guangzhou Huanshi jointly launch consumption voucher gift packages. Customers only need to scan the on-site QR code with their mobile phone to get food, hotel, shopping and other consumer experience coupons and discount coupons with one click. Organize Zhong Xuegao, Pacific Coffee, KFC, Green Pavilion, Pizza Hut, Poly time and other well-known commercial and catering brands to set up time-limited flash points on the site.

and development of cereal coffee . The operation model

There is still room for profit at this low price. Zeng Yuhui, who once started an on-campus distribution business at Guangzhou University of Science and Technology, said: “A cup of 420ml costs 2.59 yuan, including straws, cup covers and cup lids combined. The cost of coffee with raw coconut, milk and common fruit is slightly higher, but it can also be controlled at about 5 yuan. The cost of those brand chain stores with their own supply chain can be even lower. ”

Recently, Guangzhou tea brand Taoyuan three chapters held a brand conference, announced the completion of the 2.0 new upgrade, put forward the concept of “making Chinese tea latte”. This concept is not only to make fresh milk tea, but also coffee, thus opening up a new track for the integration of teacup.

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