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At the bottom of the central touch screen, there is also a row of touch-sensitive climate control buttons, while the long and narrow air outlet is moved to the bottom of the dashboard, and the whole large screen will occupy the highest position of the dashboard. In addition, thanks to the MQB platform, the body size has increased slightly, resulting in more space for passengers and luggage.

Deformed aluminum alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of doors, luggage and other body panels, bumpers, engine covers, spokes of wheels, hubcap, wheel outer cover, protective cover of brake assembly, muffler cover, anti-lock brake system, heat exchanger, body frame, seat, trunk floor and other structural parts, as well as instrument panels and other decorative parts, see Table 3, Table 4, figure 5.

Scientific and technological innovation is also the “key” of Guangzhou Jinshengsi luggage Technology Co., Ltd. Huang Huigu, chairman of Jinsheng Si, said: “to build a leather brand is inseparable from product research and development and service upgrading.” As a company focusing on technology-based luggage, enterprises have developed a series of new market products according to consumer demand, such as business travel backpacks that combine USB charging with backpacks and have charging functions.

External lamps and lanterns are generally white, orange and red; vehicles carrying out special duties, such as fire engines, ambulances, and repair vehicles, adopt red or blue flash warning lights with priority. Motor vehicles should participate in safety inspection and summary inspection regularly to ensure that the external lamps and lanterns are complete and available. Types of lights used in LED: common inside lights hold ceiling lights, wading lights, luggage compartment lights, door lights, step lights, instrument lights, work lights, instrument panel alarm guide lights and so on. LED headlights have long service life and high efficiency, so they are widely used in the automotive field to protect driving safety.

However, due to a lot of luggage, coupled with two special thermal insulation baskets, the three people were exhausted on the road. So they went to the railway station staff for help.

Compared with the cash model, the side is almost unchanged, the split waistline is in the same horizontal position, but does not intersect, and the combination is more like an aerial view of “opening the door”. The side window frame and black enclosure of the vehicle are matched with chrome strips, echoing the silver luggage rack above the roof. The interior is equipped with an integrated large screen, which integrates the full liquid crystal dashboard of the cash model and the touchable central control screen, which echoes with the “lights around the stars” arranged on the dashboard, which looks more scientific and technological.

There are many kinds of automotive composites, including glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic composites. Natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites and carbon fiber reinforced composites are widely used in seat frames, bumpers, dashboards, engine covers, battery brackets, pedals, floors, protective panels, car ceilings, luggage brackets, sunshades, spare tire racks, etc., with the advantages of high strength, good durability, high reliability, low price, recyclable, degradable, renewable and so on.

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