on the water quality, towel s and bath towels of

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The reporter learned that recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission conducted a comparative test on the water quality, towels and bath towels of swimming pools in some five-star hotels and brand gyms in Shanghai. According to GB37488-2019 “hygienic Indexes and limits of Public places”, the water quality of swimming pools in hotels and gyms, as well as towels and bath towels provided by hotels were evaluated.

Recently, a team of employee volunteers, union staff representatives and company executives visited the honorable anti-epidemic heroes and brought them 2500 care kits containing Mercedesme boutique thermos, heart-warming hand cream, alcohol disinfection paper towels, disposable medical gloves and disinfection gel. In addition, each love guardian bag is equipped with a thank-you card designed and drawn by the staff to express their common aspiration: “Thank you for guarding our Beijing, our home!”

5. Establish daily disinfection routine, continue the disinfection routine of last semester, supervise and urge the leading class to carry out scientific disinfection of dormitory, bedding, toys, towels, mouth cups, washrooms, etc., and record in time, health care room usually spot check, four major inspections every week, make the disinfection work regular and institutionalized.

There are more and more things in the shower, but the towels in the shower are easy to get wet. If you make such a storage room behind the door, everything will not get wet after closing the door.

On the right-hand side of the door is a locker, which her best friend immediately changed into a small wardrobe with a pile of skirts in it. On the left-hand side is the bathroom, which is different from ordinary people. The area of the small bathroom is only 2 inches. The clever aunt arranges the washbasin, toilet and shower room in a zigzag line, while the girlfriends join hands with us to DIY a towel board here, just like the back basket, and reinstall the “son mother” shower and change a red wall brick to increase its retro color. Kitchen

on the water quality, towel s and bath towels of

3. Indirect contact with pubic lice, pubic lice and eggs often pollute underwear, towels, bed sheets, toilets and so on with the shedding of pubic hair, while other people are infected by contact with these items contaminated by pubic lice. Floating population is common. As pubic lice can survive for 1-2 days without the human body, and are highly contagious, some patients can cause infection due to business trips to stay in hotels, public baths, swimming pools, public toilets and so on. These are collectively referred to as indirect infections and are directly exposed to infection. Both husband and wife and sexual partners living together can be infected with pubic lice, so it is found that it is best for both husband and wife to treat at the same time to avoid repeated infection.

2. Young children should be emotionally stable and happy, and can take the initiative to say hello to teachers, elders and companions. Health education should go to the post in advance to change garden clothes, store personal belongings, open windows for ventilation, clean class hygiene, dissolve 84 solution with appropriate clean water, soak and wash towels and drinking cups.

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