course, applying a hot towel (with a heating cap

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When H1N1 patients sneeze, cough or even speak, the H1N1 virus spreads into the air through droplets and spreads to others. Therefore, in public places with large flow of people and poor air circulation, it is easy to be directly infected. Moreover, contact with tableware, towels, toys and other items contaminated by H1N1 virus will also be indirectly infected.

From the professional point of view, the P6 cervical vertebra massage instrument is the sixth generation product newly listed this year, which is equipped with double-pulse frequency conversion function, nano-red light irradiation, traction, far-infrared hot compress and other functions. VTP double-pulse frequency conversion technology also obtains copyright registration, which is different from the single TENS pulse function on the market. VTP double-pulse frequency conversion technology has EMS+TEN double-pulse mode, which can relieve cervical discomfort. It can also exercise the neck muscles. Cervical pain is mainly caused by long-term maintenance of a single posture in the head and neck and tension of the neck muscles. The pulse function of climbing P6 allows you to exercise the neck muscles anytime and anywhere, thus relieving the pain of the cervical vertebrae. In addition, the far-infrared hot compress function is particularly easy to use, with low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature three functions, the temperature between 38 °C-45 °C, just like a hot towel, the cervical vertebra is no longer stiff.

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Corner line: wipe it with a towel and remove all kinds of glue marks and coating spots with a blade. Wasteland cleaning work seems simple, but must choose good professionals and formal cleaning in order to better do a good job in wasteland cleaning, the choice of formal can bring you security, wasteland cleaning is an important secondary cleaning, professional cleaning staff will not cause corner omission at the same time. Nanjing cleaning in many years of work, study, summary, land reclamation cleaning should have a fixed order of operation, matters needing attention will make land reclamation cleaning do better. When will the opening up and cleaning of new houses be carried out?

The second step is to massage slowly from top to bottom (you can also use a comb instead) to ensure that each hair can absorb the nourishment of the hair film. Of course, applying a hot towel (with a heating cap is better) works better, because heating can make the hair absorb the hair film deeper.

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course, applying a hot towel (with a heating cap

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