it with a dry towel , and then use a

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There are many kinds of household heating equipment, namely, open radiator, warm and comfortable floor heating, small fast-heating small back basket. For the heating of the bathroom, the most important area of the home, there is an electric towel rack with simple installation and wide applicability. Some people say that “the electric towel rack is a newly renovated user,” while others scoff at this view, thinking that it is just a product that collects intelligent business tax. Whether this four-digit small household appliance is worth installing at home. Today, the editor will take a look at it with you.

(2) when someone is found to have gas poisoning: 1. Rescuers should take personal protection, cover their mouth and nose with wet cloth and wet towels, and do not wear nailed shoes to prevent sparks from causing explosion. 2. Open the doors and windows to keep the air in circulation. Quickly move the poisoned person to a ventilated place; 4. Quickly untie the clothes and belts of the poisoned personnel and keep them breathing smoothly; 5. If the poisoned person is in a coma, he should be put flat for artificial respiration; 6. At the same time, call for help to 120 emergency center.

it with a dry towel , and then use a

Pay attention to hygiene after swimming. After swimming, you should pay attention to cleaning the body and keeping the body clean and hygienic. After swimming, you should pay attention to cleaning your body, dry your body with a clean towel after shower, blow out nasal secretions, wipe your ears clean if water comes into your ears, and try to take a nap or do a few exercises in the sun as far as possible. avoid muscle rigidity.

The teaching staff of the whole garden carried out sanitary disinfection and thorough cleaning. From playgrounds, large sports equipment, activity rooms, nap rooms, corridors, toilets, kitchens, offices to toys, books, baby beds, daily necessities (cups, bowls, spoons, towels, etc.), the kindergarten has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in all directions, showing a clean and fresh appearance.

it with a dry towel , and then use a

(4) Cao Tingdong said in his essay on Health Preservation in the Qing Dynasty: “the words of the family of keeping health should be bathed by the wind, for fear of suffering from the head wind.” It means that if you wash your hair in the wind, you are easy to get head wind. If you wash your hair at night and fall asleep before it dries, you are more likely to get sick. Generally speaking, it is best not to wash your hair before going to bed. if you want to wash it, dry it with a dry towel, and then use a hair dryer to dry your hair until it is fully dry before going to bed.

Chemical disinfection refers to the use of chemicals to disinfect towels. Towels can be soaked in a 200-fold dilution and can usually be fished out in half an hour.

it with a dry towel , and then use a

In addition to sex, mother-to-child transmission and other major means of transmission, people infected with HPV may also transmit their own virus to others if they share daily necessities such as toilets, bathtubs, towels, swimming pools and other public goods.

Some sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted indirectly, such as using towels, basins and razors used by unsterilized condyloma acuminatum, gonorrhea, AIDS and other patients, which may infect sexually transmitted diseases. so it is very important to develop good personal hygiene habits, especially in public places, such as hotels, baths, swimming pools and other places should strengthen self-protection awareness. In addition, should stay away from drugs, do not easily use imported blood products.

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