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For the surface, you can gently wipe off the dirt and dust with a clean and soft cloth, and those tiny gaps can be cleaned with toothpicks and cotton swabs in rags or paper towels. This will not only clean up, but also avoid scratching the dashboard. Soak the soft rag in clean tap water and then wipe the dashboard of the car to remove all kinds of stains except stubborn stains. This technology is also applicable to all kinds of dashboards. Wipe from one end of the dashboard to the other to avoid missing anything. Once the remaining dashboard area is cleaned, the missing dust and dirt will become extremely obvious. For more thorough treatment, clean dry rags can be used to deal with dusty dashboards. However, in order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to use ultra-fine fiber cloth.

Experience Guide: due to the particularity of the sweat steaming room experience room, you should enter the experience room after bathing and removing makeup, do not go in and out frequently in the process of experience, do not scrub the body and dirt, drink the right amount of lukewarm water, do not drink cold food and indirect contact with cold water, do not take a shower, dry the body with a towel. In recent years, sweat steaming room, as a new way of health preservation, has been gradually accepted by the public. Some fitness swimming pools will be equipped with 12 sweat steaming rooms for people who are in good health. Because the body has no talent to get rid of the state of sub-health, the lack of talent in the body can reduce fat, and sweat steaming can completely relax the body after exercise, relieve tension and reduce stress.

colorful beach towels

, an animal who folds some towels.

When many car owners see that the car is dirty, they think it would be better to wipe it with a towel, which can not only save money, but also achieve a certain cleaning effect. In fact, this idea is not entirely correct. Because of the material structure of the car interior, often using towels can not achieve the purpose of effective cleaning, and some good cars because of the material, using towels will also increase the wear and tear of the materials. Moreover, if you use a wet towel, it will leave water stains, which will be difficult to clean, and if the metal surface will also produce oxidation reaction, which will accelerate the aging of the parts, and the damage caused to your car is irreversible. I believe it is also very distressing for car owners to see it. So what can we do to clean the dust in the car?

For chapped skin, soak the cracked area in warm water for a few minutes before going to bed every night, or apply it with a warm towel. After softening, take 2-3 cod liver oil and apply it to the crack, which can be recovered in 1 week.

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