clothing items, choose a purple handbag , and then step on a pair of purple

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In order to better grasp the exquisite sense of styling, purple can be used on bags and shoes, especially when matching solid color clothing items, choose a purple handbag, and then step on a pair of purple high-heeled sandals, not to mention how stylish and elegant. Especially for many women who can not handle the color, it can be embellished in a small area, which is not easy to make mistakes and is also very advanced.

Louis Vuitton water ripple one-shoulder handbag bucket bag cylinder bag open, this bag space is so large, when you go out with ha cosmetics really good, can be placed neatly, as soon as you open it, you can see

clothing items, choose a purple handbag , and then step on a pair of purple

Luxury Prada bags are good, of course, but problems such as wear, scratching and opening are inevitable after long use, which is a common problem in second-hand handbags. Many factors need to be considered in the recycling price of second-hand bags. Not to mention the brand. In theory, luxury Prada bags can be recycled. Typically, the price is between 30% and 70% of the original price. Some bags with super public price have to be the kind of hot ones, such as killer bags and nylon bags. However, the exact price depends on the appearance and other accessories. Obviously, to a large extent, this cannot be generalized. At this time, if you want your second-hand luxury bags to be recycled at a higher price, it is necessary to choose a suitable recycling channel.

LV (Louis Vuitton) is one of the most popular and respected luxury brands in the world, and its classic bag series is loved by fans all over the world. Whether as a symbol of fashion trends, or as a representative of unique design and excellent craftsmanship, LV bags have always been a leader in the fashion world. But here, Youshe Xiaobian lists the 12 handbags that LV is most worth getting.

Left: a small Speedy iconic letter combination canvas handbag, both now and in the future, is a reliable partner. Because of simplicity, the classic is often ignored, but it is precisely the most worthwhile LV bag.

clothing items, choose a purple handbag , and then step on a pair of purple

In fact, no matter what style of clothes with bags, if you want to feel cool, choose a belt bag with a stronger sense of fashion; if you want to be fresh and stylish, choose a chain bag; but if you want a strong sense of professionalism, choose a handbag with a higher texture.

Most of these bags have been sold out. The soft material is very simple, and the bag is also made into a handbag, which can be carried or carried on the back, giving sisters one more choice ~

The color of the “bag” plays the finishing point for the overall color matching, while the “bag” style reflects whether the bag belongs to you. The style of the bag is the style, and the style of clothing is the same, the bag also has the difference of style, the handbag and the checkered bag belong to two different styles.

clothing items, choose a purple handbag , and then step on a pair of purple

The petty bourgeoisie sentiment of Shanghainese is particularly obvious. If she is going out in summer, she will be fastidious about what kind of hat, skirt and bag she will wear. In particular, the kind of small handbag unique to Shanghai, elegant retro beaded embroidered bag, Shanghai woman with a small hand hook is particularly attractive, it is difficult for people in other cities to use this kind of flavor. The ornaments on their heads are simple and exquisite, the earrings and necklaces they wear are of moderate thickness, and they also like thin ones, low-key and unobtrusive ones, and the pattern is also concise and generous. Shoes are also particularly fastidious. In order to match a red cheongsam and a white skirt, they may have to match a pair of feminine red or white high-heeled or half-high-heeled leather shoes. As for the texture of leather shoes, they will not be careless, both comfortable, the quality of leather shoes is good, the price is moderate.

A dark gauze shirt with a leopard print half-length dress looks different and can be paired with a word with high heels and a handbag. A short leopard-print skirt can be paired with a T-shirt or vest, and a pair of small white shoes look like a young girl. A leopard-print skirt with a sling is easier to wear. it can go well with a T-shirt or sweater, canvas shoes or board shoes, and an one-shoulder leather bag.

As the name implies, the handbag is the bag held in the hand, because the shape is similar to the envelope, known as the envelope bag, different styles are ever-changing, deeply loved by women, whether it is famous wind, with the wind or lovely wind handbag can be well controlled, it can be said to be a bag, the handbag in the hand to highlight personal temperament.

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