body with a clean towel , blow out nasal

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BX4 hot compress effect is also very outstanding, massage shoulder and neck, back when adding hot compress is particularly comfortable, much more comfortable than hot towel hot compress, mainly because the massage head is equipped with far-infrared heating system, large heating area, uniform heat, and strong penetration, a set of massage process, the body meridians are the same as through, the whole back is warm, transparent and comfortable, for girls A hot compress on your stomach during your monthly period can relieve dysmenorrhea

After each lactation, milking a little milk to smear the nipple, you can also smear it with lanolin cream. Before the next feeding, wipe the nipple clean with a warm towel and then breast-feed. Try to hold the nipple and most of the areola by the baby during lactation.

It should be noted that newborn babies can not lie on their side, they can put a small towel or pillow behind their back to help them lie on their side. in order to create a good-looking head shape, they can lie on their back when the baby is awake and playing for 6 months.

5. Pay attention to hygiene after swimming. After swimming, take a bath immediately, then dry your body with a clean towel, blow out nasal secretions, and wipe off your ears if there is water in your ears.

“Deaf Guai Da” knocked the smoking pot in the heel of his shoe, pinned it on his waist, and rubbed out a piece of black tarp from the lapel of his clothes, which was a shaving knife. Mother has already prepared hot water, Amoy hot towel over the head, hot, itchy, very comfortable. With the scratching of the razor, a layer of hair fell from the ground.

body with a clean towel , blow out nasal

I believe that towels can be used every day, especially now that the weather is hot. Many friends use towels to wipe their hands and sweat. Within a few days, towels will turn yellow. Even in summer, towels will give off a strange smell or stink, and they will still feel sticky when you touch them with your hands.

In addition, mothers do not want to buy so many clothes for babies. After all, babies grow high and fast, so they can directly use this sterilization rack to dry and disinfect their clothes, so as to achieve the effect of washing and wearing, so that mothers can feel more at ease when they save money. In addition, this electric towel rack can be said to be a combination of dryer and disinfector, a top of many household appliances, it is really great!

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